Generate Better Quality Results with PPC Services in Portland

Google Ads and PPC Ads campaigns can be great sources of increasing website traffic, improving online visibility, and kickstarting your sales and new launches. With a team of expert PPC Consultants from Portland, you can design a highly optimized and successful PPC campaign that can enhance your overall business growth well within your timeframe. With a proven track record of improved ROI and increased conversion rates, we take pride in delivering all the core PPC services in Portland to businesses of all sizes.

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    Keyword Research and Bidding

    As an experienced Portland PPC Company, we take advantage of our skilled PPC marketing account managers along with data-driven strategies to evaluate and select specific keywords that are most likely to bring in traffic and conversions. We further analyze the cost-per-click for each keyword to ensure the best outcomes and the highest possible ROI.

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    PPC Creatives and Ad Copy

    A good ad is one that speaks for itself and is able to generate an impact such that the targeted audience clicks on your ads. As a full-service PPC company in Portland, we have expert copywriters and designers who put together a market-winning campaign creative that is meant to earn you new customers who are actually willing to pay.

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    PPC Landing Page Optimization

    Once the user clicks on your ad and arrives on your web page, you need to have an impactful landing page that attracts your audience both visually and emotionally. We make sure each page is designed in a way that it is highly relevant to the user’s origin search query, making it more convincing to click on that call to action button.

  • Retargeting and Continuous Optimization

    Based on the users’ actions and campaign reports, we work on retargeting those potential audiences that might convert to paying clients if targeted again with your ad. We make other strategic adjustments to your campaigns to ensure even better outcomes in terms of website traffic and conversion rates.

How Does PPC Services in Portland work?

Pay Per Click marketing is a process of promoting a brand and leveraging new clients immediately with the help of paid advertisements across different search engines. It is basically a keyword based marketing strategy that utilizes services like Adwords to bid on the right keywords that fit within the campaign criteria, which includes search volume and competition level. 

With the help of a reliable Portland PPC company, you can identify the right keywords and plan your campaign around those to ensure next time a user searches for those specific phrases, your name comes at the top of SERPs.

If this sounds a little overwhelming, we are here for you. Our team of expert Portland PPC Consultants can perform the PPC audit, plan your campaign, and execute it in the right way to deliver the results you are looking for.

Why Choose Us As Your Portland PPC Agency?

At Portland SEO Services, we believe in delivering what’s best for you. Unlike other Portland PPC agencies, we do not just offer pre-bundled services, rather we take time to bring together a fully customized campaign that caters perfectly to all your business needs.

With our team of PPC management experts, we have the right experience and proven strategies to generate effective ad copy, intriguing headlines, creative visuals, and perfect keyword selection. And with dedicated PPC account managers for each client, we take your business to newer heights.


How Do PPC Services in Portland Help Your Business?

With a well-designed PPC campaign, your business can achieve new heights in less time. There are several implementations and optimization strategies for Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Ads that can be utilized to your benefit. All you need is the right team of PPC experts to make the right choices for you.

  • PPC ads make it easier for you to rank higher immediately and take on your competitors directly.
  • With better visibility, you can expect quick branding and an online reputation that increases brand awareness.
  • Pay Per Click ads are known to deliver great results in terms of better click-through rates and higher conversions.
  • With continuous monitoring and remarketing, PPC campaigns make it easier to improve your sales funnel, contributing to increased overall ROI.

Here’s How We Deliver PPC Services in Portland

  • Request for a Free Audit

    Fill in the form to get a free website audit and in-depth analysis.

  • Connect with our PPC expert Consultant

    One of our PPC Managers will discuss your goals, preferences, and everything that matters to your business.

  • Get Detailed Roadmap

    We will prepare the perfect plan to improve on-page SEO and share it with you.

  • Kick start your campaign

    Approve the campaign and timelines to help us set up everything for you.

  • Watch your PPC campaigns grow

    That’s it! Sit back and watch your brand grow as our team of experts will take over from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

To arrive at the estimated budget for your next PPC campaign in Portland, you need to evaluate your targeted keywords, the ad quality you are looking for, and the time period for which you want to run ads. Another factor that plays an important role in deciding the overall cost of the campaign is your targeted demographic area and the amount of competition around your preferred keywords. To get better insights, book a free PPC audit in Portland with our experts.

One of the major reasons for the gaining popularity of PPC services in Portland is the fact that it allows new businesses to reach out to their targeted audience in a quick way. Unlike organic SEO, which requires months before results kick in, PPC campaigns do not need much time before you show up on the top search results on Google or other targeted search engines.

As per recent studies, more than 50% of the audience looking for products and services on search engines tend to click on sponsored results. This surely makes it a great way to bring in more qualified traffic that might actually convert. According to some of the top PPC agencies in Portland, the business usually gets up to 1.5X click-through rates with paid advertisements.

To ensure that you land upon the right PPC company in Portland, here is a quick checklist:

  • Evaluate the company’s experience in terms of past work and results delivered.
  • Connect with the PPC consultants of the firm to understand their approach to your problem.
  • Look for a PPC agency with complete services which include research, content writing, and SEO services. This increases the chances of getting better results.
  • Last, discuss the overall budget, including the consultation charges to make sure you are making the right investment.

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